The Rosary's Importance in the World Today

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Why the Rosary is Important

Many people have taken a detour from the Fatima - looking for solutions in life in other places. However, the Fatima is the source and solution to defeating evil and gaining a peaceful life, all which is spelled out in the Rosary. Therefore, the Daily Rosary for Peace is as strongly advocated today as it was on July 13, 1917 by Our Lady .

A Plan for Peace

It's very simple: the message is clear - we need to pray the Rosary daily to create peace in the world. However, people continue to look elsewhere to effect a solution when the answer is right before them through the message of Fatima. Peace cannot be realized unless people follow a moral and religious lifestyle. A peace plan was given to believers through the message at Fatima.

A Type of Arsenal

Basically, the rosary is a type of prayer in which believers ask Our Lady to crush the serpent's head. Therefore, by concentrating on the Rosary, Christians have hope that peace can be realized in the world. Look at the rosary as the arsenal needed to overcome violence and other societal extremes.

A Rosary is a Sacramental

While the world may look at rosary beads as religious jewelry, in actuality, the beads used for praying the rosary are a sacramental, or an object which is designed to bring about the spiritual effects of praying. While sacramentals do not possess any type of "magical" power themselves, the prayer that is divined from their use is indeed powerful.

Types of Rosary Accessories

Many Catholics choose to buy bracelet-type rosaries, or a decade of the rosary, that is donned around the wrist. Rosary rings can also be used, which feature raised dots to help believers say and keep track of their prayers. So, even if the rosary is worn around the neck, it should always be used to strengthen one's prayer life, not simply as an adornment.

Remember the Rosary's Purpose

The Code of Canon Law states that "[s]acred objects, . . . designed for divine worship by dedication or blessing are to be treated reverently and are not to be employed for profane or inappropriate use even if they are owned by private persons." So, using or wearing rosary "jewelry" is fine as long as you remember it for its intended purpose - to affirm your devotion to prayer.

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