Saintly Quotes that Inspire

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Saintly Quotes That Inspire

Saints have given believers the inspiration to follow Christ's teachings and stand firm in the world. Below are some of the famous quotes Saints have said on one of a variety of topics.


According to St. Francis de Sales , you should "[m]ake yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit." He adds that "[without] being seen, they are present with you.

St. Basil the Great said, "When tempted, invoke your Angel. He is more eager to help you than you are to be helped." He added to "ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him - he trembles and flees at the site of [one's] Guardian Angel."

Spiritual Aridity

With respect to spiritual aridity, St. Francis de Sales encouraged believers that "[o]ne single act done with aridity of spirit is worth more than many done with feelings of devotion."


St Elizabeth Ann Seton had a message for parents. She said, "If I had to advise parents, I should tell them to take great care about the people with whom their children associate . . . Much harm may result from bad company, and we are inclined by nature to follow what is worse than what is better."


Regarding Baptism, St. Thomas Aquinas commented that "[j]ust as a man cannot live in the flesh unless he is born in the flesh, even so a man cannot have the spiritual life of grace unless he is born again spiritually. He noted that "[t]his regeneration is effected by Baptism." "Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

Spiritual Beauty

St Agnes speaks of beauty when she says, "Christ has made my soul beautiful with the jewels of grace and virtue. I belong to Him Whom the Angels serve."


With respect to belief itself, St. Thomas Aquinas affirmed, "We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves."

Christ is the Way

St. Patrick encouraged belief in Christ, saying, "If, then, you are looking for the way by which you should go, take Christ, because He Himself is the way."

Daily Inspiration

By following the quotes of the Saints, every believer can use these positive and spiritual sayings to encourage them in their daily pursuits. If you need a bit of daily inspiration then, direct your focus on the Saints.

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