Feast Days and Commemorations of the Saints

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Remembering the Saints

Celebrating feast days in the Catholic Church reminds Christians of how Saintly contributions strengthen their Christian

Saints Feast Days

beliefs. Therefore, the following feast days and small biographies remind us of how Saints serve as our role models in the practice of our faith.

St Peter Chanel (Feast Day – April 28)

St. Peter Chanel, who was born in 1803, was canonized in 1954, 103 years after his death in 1841. The future saint, which was a shepherd in his younger days, was recognized by a bishop for his piety and intelligence. As a result, he changed his vocation to that of missionary and priest. Once he was ordained a priest, St. Peter was chosen in 1836 as a missionary for the Marists. St. Peter Chanel is the first martyr of Oceania. The missionary and priest was killed by a chieftain in 1841 after the leader’s son wanted to become a Christian.

St Gabriel (Feast Day – September 29)

St. Gabriel’s feast once was celebrated on March 24th. However, the feast date was changed in 1921. That is when the event was combined with celebrations commemorating St. Raphael and St. Michael. St. Gabriel, who is referenced four times biblically, is the archangel who appeared to Mary and told her of Christ’s birth. The passage can be found in Luke 1:26. Gabriel appeared to Zechariah as well. Again, he announced the news of a birth. In this account, Gabriel told Zechariah that his wife would give birth to a son – John the Baptist.

Because he is a bearer of news, St. Gabriel is the Patron Saint that protects and guides those in the communications, postal, telecommunications and broadcasting fields.

St. Rose of Lima (Feast Day – August 23)

Canonized in 1671, St. Rose was born in the city of Lima in Peru in 1586. Notably St. Rose is known as the first American Saint. The saint modeled her life after St. Catherine of Sienna. St. Rose is known as the Patron Saint of florists and gardeners.

St. Lawrence Ruiz (Feast Day – September 28)

St. Lawrence Ruiz died in 1637 but was canonized 350 years later. The future saint and fifteen of his companions were martyrs of the Japanese. The future saint was killed in Nagasaki when he was attempting to avoid a false arrest. The saint is distinguished as the first Filipino to be canonized.

St. George (Feast Day – April 23)

St. George lived during the 200s and 300s and died in 303. A defender of the Christian faith, St. George suffered numerous tortures during his lifetime. During one assault, he was burned with hot irons and suffered a severe beating. However, Christ came to his rescue after the tortures and restored his health. The Saint was also boiled in lead and squeezed between a couple of spiked wheels with no effect. These events caused his wife and others to make the conversion to Christianity. St. George is the Patron Saint of the country of England, the Boy Scouts, and Farmers and Soldiers.

St. Gertrude (Feast Day – November 16)

St. Gertrude was born in 1256 and died in 1302. She received canonization in 1678. The well-revered Saint, who entered a Benedictine Monastery at five years old, is the Patron Saint for travelers.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga (Feast Day – June 21)

St. Aloysius was from an influential family in Castiglione, Italy. Born in 1568, the future Saint died in 1591 and was canonized 135 years later in 1726. He renounced his inheritance in order to become a Jesuit. The future Saint succumbed to the plague while treating the sick at the young age of 23. St. Aloysius is the Patron Saint of Jesuit students and youth. 

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