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A Small Yet Significant Blessing

Rosaries, small crucifixes, and medals, when worn, all hold a special meaning - made all the more important when a priest conveys a blessing. For example, when wearing a rosary, the priest may say the following:

"May this rosary and the one who uses it be blessed in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. --Amen."

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A Formulary for Medals and Statues

A short blessing can be used for medals, statues, rosaries and other articles that are specifically used for devotions by also using the following formulary:

"May this [medal/rosary/statue] and the one who uses it be blessed, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.--Amen."'

Jewelry that is Important to Believers

The above devotions are indeed important, particularly in a society sometimes does not understand the significance of rosary jewelry and other devotional items. Catholic jewelry is now used by the mainstream as it is by Catholics. However, the Church advocates the use of rosaries and other devotional objects to be used for their intended purposes--for formularies and prayers--and not for the sole purpose of adornment.

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 A Way to Share Your Faith

However, that being said, the jewelry continues to be worn when setting trends. Not only that, rosaries are often hung, suspended from rearview mirrors as a kind of decoration. Still, wearing or displaying devotional jewelry, even if the user is not Catholic, is an opportunity for Christians to ask non-Catholics about their use of the jewelry and to share their faith.

Many of the people who buy a crucifix or rosary do not understand how the jewelry is used. Catholics have an opportunity then to discuss why the jewelry is an essential part of being a Christian and provide information as to an item's or jewelry's meaning or use. 

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