Gift Ideas for Catholic Girls

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If you are looking for a unique gift for a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or other eventful day for someone special, such as a birthday, then you should strongly consider some of the gift ideas below. They will help make your gift more special and one that is treasure for years to come: 

Religious Jewelry

Whether a gift is presented as a confirmation present or for a special birthday, a faith-based present is a keepsake that is a priceless treasure for a Catholic girl or teen. Some popular  Catholic jewelry items that Catholic girls like are:

Prayer cards are always appreciated as are auto-related items in the form of visor clips and religious key chains.

Baptism gift ideas

Meaningful Images and Representations

Some of the oft-used images presented in gifts include the dove (which represents the Holy Spirit) and the Crucifix- both which are used to underscore, if not highlight, a girl's true witness of Christ.

Baby Themed Gifts

Catholic gifts for girls or women can also include religious themed  gifts for a baby. Popular gift selections among baby themed gifts include such items as  baby crib medals and baby badges.

Other Items to Consider

If you are giving a girl jewelry for confirmation, you might consider presenting her with a music jewelry box as well. She may also appreciate such religious themed items as frames, plaques, and figurines.

A Bible for a newly confirmed teen is also an excellent gift. Holy cards, that have been customized, and religious themed DVDs and books are other items that are popular items to give at confirmation time too.

Cherished Lifetime Treasures

Religious themed or Catholic gifts turn into cherished lifetime treasures when given during Confirmation, at Easter, during a birthday, or at Christmas. By shopping online for that perfect gift, you also have more time to reflect on your selection. Indeed, it is more blessed to give than to receive when you review the varied selection of Catholic gifts that are available for girls and teens.

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